How Do You Explain A Breast Cancer Diagnosis To A Young Child?

The Big Discovery

The story of a breast cancer diagnosis, written by Ashley Dedmon, MPH, CHES®, serves as an educational tool to assist families and children in navigating through a breast cancer journey. This resource aims to help facilitate one of the difficult conversations a mother could have with her children to help them understand the importance of early detection, testing, and the diagnosis of breast cancer. The treatment process is introduced but is left open so families can navigation through their options and make informed decisions.


The Big Discovery Features

  • A foreword written by a Breast Surgical Oncologist
  • Reviewed for medical accuracy
  • Images of a breast self-exam, clinical exam, and mammogram
  • Culturally diverse characters
  • Medical child-centric glossary
  • Open-ended questions to help prompt dialogue and check for understanding
  • Ten inspiring stories from breast cancer survivors
  • Resource for Advanced Practice Nurses and Breast Navigators

A Note From Ashley

I know there are feelings and thoughts of uncertainty that you are experiencing, but I am here to tell you, you are not alone. In my books, I also provide you with stories from mothers who have traveled a similar journey and have had this difficult conversation with their child(ren). The glossary and open-ended questions help prompt dialogue and check for understanding. My books have been reviewed for medical accuracy but are not a substitute for your doctor’s recommendations or credible online educational resources.  Please remember we are all unique, and so are our screening, prevention, and treatment options. My books were a way for me to process and express my feelings. A way for me to navigate through the lows and highs of losing my mother to breast cancer, my father’s prostate cancer diagnosis, and my own journey. This project was a way to honor my great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother, who lost their lives to breast cancer and create a legacy for my daughters.


Sneak Peek of The Big Discovery

  • Breast Self-Exam
  • Clinical- Exam
  • Mammogram
  • Biopsy Procedure
  • Diagnosis
  • Community Impact
    • Pictures
  • Organizations with The Big Discovery

The Big Discovery has been
a resource for:

The Rose
Susan G. Komen Houston
Angels Surviving Cancer
Pretty Girls with Cancer
Sister to Sister
Sugar Land Methodist Hospital Cancer Resource Fair
Sugar Land Methodist Hospital Breast Cancer Prevention Fair
The She’s Happy Foundation
Pampered Pink Foundation

Book 2: All That I Do Is For You-Coming Fall 2020

This book will assist families and children in navigating through family cancer history, genetic testing, and risk-reducing options for those who have a hereditary cancer gene mutation.